Limited Edition Prints

Steven Friedman's fine art photographs are available as original prints in a number of sizes for each of the images presented on this website. In addition to the standard measurements below, Steven is able to custom print any size needed. Steven personally makes each print, using the finest digital printmaking techniques, using archival pigment inks on Hahnemuhle Paper. 

Steven uses medium format film and digital cameras to capture images either digitally or onto fine grained transparency film. Steven typically photographs each subject many times, revisiting a location over numerous years to get the right light, atmosphere, season and composition. 

Check out the Print Detail page to see the detail that is available in larger prints.

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Transparencies are scanned using an Imacon X5 scanner. Each image whether a film or digital originals fine tuned in Adobe Photoshop. Steven's ultimate objective is to stay true to what was in front of the camera. 

Panoramic Print Sizes

16” x 48”

23” x 69”

30” x 90” 

Non-panoramic Print Sizes

30” x 40”

35” x 46”

43” x 57”

The Small Camera portfolio has prints available in smaller sizes than reflected above, please contact Steven for exact measurements. 

If you wish to purchase any of the images seen on this site, please contact Steven at [email protected]